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I have a few hobbies that are notable enough to talk about. One of those being the obvious one, video games. One of my favorite games right now is Friday night Funkin'(or fnf for short) and it is a rhythm based game where you have to t ap the arrows at a specific time. Another hobby of mine is fishing, although I am not aloud to right now until i get my fishing license. There is something soothing about being out by the water that I enjoy although I also like to spend a lot of time indoors. In my time fishing I have caught two fish that qualified for Fish Ohio meaning they were big enough for me to rec ieve a certificate showing an acomplishment of sorts, these fish were a 13 inch Black Crappie, and a 12 1/2 inch Sunfish. Another one of my hobbies consists of music, and by this I mean I play trumpet and I also am in my schools audition choir. I have been in band for about 6 years and I have been in choir for about 3 years but before I joined choir I took part in my school's musical performances. My first musical was Dr. Jekyl and Mister Hyde were I played as a background character.


I am the son of Dawn Karacson and Brandon Altman, my mother used to attend FCCC before being kicked out . My step-father also attended FCCC where he learned carpentry, and after leaving FCCC he went into the Navy where he was then deployed to Iraq . I have 5 siblings 2 older siblings on my mom's side and 3 younger siblings on my dad's side. My older siblings are both graduated one being a U.S Marine living in California, my older sister is currently working construction with my step dad. On my dad's side I have 3 younger siblings, the first one being my younger brother who is 11 years old and attends Hicksville Elementary, after him I have 2 twin sisters who are the age of 5 and also attend Hicksville Elementary.

Other Information

When I was younger I did not got to preschool in my home town, I went to preschool at Headstart in Pulaski where at the time my step-mother was working. I used to really enjoy going outside as a child but now I prefer to stay inside and do nothing all day. There was this one time when I was younger where I was riding my bike and I wasn't paying attention to where I was going and ended up hitting a stop sign. I used to be on my schools archery team but I quit after a month because i had decided it wasn't for me, although it was kind of enjoyable I wasn't very good at it and I didn't want to put time into getting better at it. My favorite Baseball team is the Detroit Tigers even though they kinda suck. I dont really like football or basketball, but when it comes to football I cheer for Michigan and when it comes to basketball I cheer on the Celtics. I listen to all kinds of music, in fact while making this website I have been listening to King Crimson and other music.

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